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Friday, October 26, 2007

The David Suzuki - Patrick Moore Feud

I am a huge fan of Patrick Moore - ex-founder of Greenpeace...and now a huge supporter of nuclear energy. Here are his thoughts on David Suzuki..
On Suzuki’s policies: “A lot of things he’s saying I think are bang on. We disagree on some really major issues, one of which is nuclear energy, another is genetic modification. He’s the geneticist who’s against genetics.”

On Suzuki’s opposition to salmon farming: “What David is engaging in is trying to destroy one of the most sustainable industries we have in this province.”

On Suzuki’s fall from grace: “He was a brilliant teacher of genetics. I owe some of my understanding of biology to David . . . Yet at the same time he has joined the populist movements, which are based more on sensation and fear tactics, and are not based on science.”

On Suzuki calling him an industry "shill": “That’s name-calling that’s not a argument . . . Most of David’s support, as far as we can see, is from wealthy U.S. foundations.”

On no-nukes vs. good-nukes: Moore, then Greenpeace president, recalls trying to conscript Suzuki into the anti-nuclear movement, circa 1981. “At this time David was full-time CBC. The irony of the situation in light of today’s circumstances was that I was trying to convince him to join the anti-nuclear movement—and he had to decline, citing his journalistic objectivity.”

On the fatal flaw in the tactics of Al Gore and Suzuki: “They are very popular with the man on the street. But because so many of their policies are so out of tune with what is practically possible, they don’t really have the kind of influence on public policy they could have if their policies were more science-based and logical. The way I see it, the environmental movement got stuck in an abolitionist approach to campaigning.”


Blogger GDW said...

I think I need to find out more about Patrick Moore. His comment about populist movements being based on fear and sensation rather than science (or reason) is quite right. Pity the Nobel guys didn't canvass a few environmentalists like Moore before handing over the cheque to Gore.

8:57 PM  

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