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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Can atheists celebrate Christmas??

Well..I will be....with a terrific Christmas dinner with my boyfriend's family...but not everybody agrees...this is from Scotland....
A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy was banned from his school Christmas party because he does not believe in God.

Douglas Stewart was asked to stay at home while his classmates were treated to jelly and ice-cream, followed by a visit from Santa and presents.

Douglas's mother, Dawn Riddell, was informed that he was unwelcome at the celebration because she had withdrawn him from religious education classes at Cluny Primary School, in Buckie, Banffshire, earlier in the school term.

Ms Riddell, 38, said the headteacher, Ian Davidson,had told her that as the youngster had no interest in religion, he could not celebrate the birth of Christ.

She said yesterday: "It doesn't make any sense to me.

"I've helped out at the Christmas party before and it's got absolutely nothing to do with Jesus. It's all about the kids getting excited about Santa and enjoying themselves.

"Douglas was heartbroken that he couldn't go. It was cruel. There was no reason for him to be excluded."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 'War on Christmas' has now led to retaliatory insurgent attacks.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Good interview with Richard Dawkins (the God Delusion) where he compares the ability to enjoy Christmas, enjoy Christmas music, etc, with the ability to enjoy anything that you know to be fiction. (on the Richard Dawkins website). Also, I am amused by the way that Christians vigorously defend Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Christ, as if they have the corner on celebrating (unbelievers not welcome). Perhaps they need reminding of the origins of the mid-winter festival as a pagan celebration for the winter solstice. If anyone "hijacked" Christmas, perhaps it was the Christians - even had the arrogance to put their own name on it!!

12:35 PM  
Anonymous realmusicman said...

Interesting take, Sue but it doesn't wash. Even if the Christians did take the festival from the pagans (back in 400 A.D.??) the entire celebration has become ensconsed as part of western civilization. Are you suggesting that it be reverted back to pagan ritual event?

As a Christian, I am tired of people "borrowing" our celebrations and putting their own spin on it and under the banner of "inclusion." The fact that we as a civilization have strayed so far from the real meaning of Christmas, IMO, is because of Liberal humanism and multiculturalism that was foisted on western culture back in the 1960's, perhaps as a backlash against the strictures of the church.

I do not look forward to Christmas like I used to. Keeping the religious aspect intact is becoming a battle of conflicting philosophies and much of the sweetness and joy of the season is no longer there.

I don't think most Christians would mind sharing the season with others, if there wasn't this underlying sense of entitlement to be included. Christmas is a Christian celebration, like it or not, and if you want to participate, please don't expect believers to be apologetic to the true meaning. Don't let liberal activists foist the terms "holiday tree" or "season's greetings" on the occasion or change the lyrics of songs because someone "might" be offended. Let Christmas be what is is intended to be and all will be welcome, Christian or other.

Merry Christmas to all!

2:23 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

It sounds like they are getting their advice from the Simpsons. You remember when Lisa became a Buddhist and Marge wouldn't let her have Christmas presents? It sounds like that, only without the laughs.

7:40 AM  

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