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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK...

This organization is still not banned in the's a summary of their latest conference...

The British branch of a world-wide radical Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, held a conference in London on Saturday, in which speakers called for the overthrow of Muslim governments and their replacement with a single Islamic state, known as the caliphate. According to Hizb ut-Tahrir's website, "thousands" of people attended the conference.

Hizb ut-Tahrir - the Liberation Party in English - is active in dozens of countries, but has been banned in several Arab states, as well as European countries such as Germany and Russia. It is also illegal in China. In Britain, the organization is still legal, despite instances of the group's members and websites being found to promote anti-Semitic incitement to violence and calls for suicide bombings. In Australia, the organization is facing the prospect of a ban.

During a House of Commons Debate last month, Conservative Opposition leader David Cameron asked British Prime Minister Gordon Brown: "On Hizb ut Tahrir, can I ask him again: why is there still not a ban? It's not just banned in Sweden and Germany. It's banned in Egypt and Pakistan as well. The fact is two years ago, the then Prime Minister didn't say he would look into banning this group. He didn't say he would review it. He didn't say he would consider it. He said he would do it. Why can't the Prime Minister make the same pledge today?"

Brown responded by saying that "you have to have evidence" before placing a ban, adding that a number of investigations have been carried out into the group. "I hope he will agree with me that we approach these things in a sustained way and in a calm way and we do not jump to conclusions, we look at all the evidence," Brown said.

At its conference in north London on Saturday, the leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain, Jalaluddin Patel, said that the call for the establishment of a global Islamic state "holds currency on the streets of Cairo, on the streets of Karachi... and on the streets of Tripoli. And indeed in almost every city in the Muslim world."

"Brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, plans are being made east and west... for this Muslim world," Patel declared.

"We from Hizb ut-Tahrir believe passionately that true liberation will come to the Muslim world when we dispense with these ruling elites and these western-inspired systems, and in their place we establish Islam through state and society," he said, adding that "Islam solves each and every problem that the Muslim world faces today."

Taji Mustafa, a high-profile Hizb ut-Tahrir member in Britain, who makes frequent media appearances, lamented the state of the Muslim world, and slammed Muslim governments for failing to "liberate Palestine."

"Why, after all these years, is Palestine still occupied? Is it because the Muslim masses do not want to liberate the land...? No. Is it because the neighboring states do not have the resources to occupy Palestine? No. It is because the rulers of the Muslim world refuse to mobilize the ummah (Islamic nation) to liberate this land. Instead, (they are) like the Saudi kingdom. Only a few days ago, Saudi Arabia decided to sit down with Israel to negotiate - the surrender process - to hand over Palestine," Mustafa said.

"Palestine remains occupied because there is no sincere Islamic leadership that would mobilize the ummah that would liberate the land," he added.

Mustafa also blamed poverty in Islamic countries on the absence of an Islamic state, saying: "Although Islam has a defined system for managing public wealth (and) public utilities for the benefit all the citizens of the caliphate, the rulers ignore that, they run to the western model, western capitalism is what they want to embrace."

"How come Iraq and Afghanistan are occupied?" Mustafa asked, blaming Pakistan and the Gulf states for assisting and hosting western military forces. "These leaders got together and invited western leaders to come. Blood is also on the hands of every Muslim ruler," he added.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All that we read on blogs is not true. We assume that Brown would ban on cause.

4:48 PM  
Blogger kursk said...

Why would Brown ban groups that will one day be his (and unfortunately Britains..)political master?

6:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those poor diluted Islamists , they think that we are like them and will volunteer to die for our cause to stay Free , the Truth is that we force people like that to die for THEIR cause first so we don't have to die later on.

Do they really think that Westerners will sit back at allow more and more subway slaughters while the Mosques and Imams spew their tripe about peace and tolerance and Islam having nothing to do with the violence , the Islamofascists are trying to do what the Nazi couldn't and that was inflict a Psychological terrorism on the Brit to force them to cow tow to Hitler but it didn't work , and now the Islamists are about to see how quickly democracies expunge the cancer from Society by exposing them to the light so they scatter like rats and cockroaches .

If the Whahabist think they can be Occupiers of canada and the USA they are in for a big surprise because CAIR and Sheema Khan are in a fools paradise since 9/11 and never heard of the Muslim Who Cried Wolf , Islamophobia was fabricated by CAIR and Khan to deflect their ties to Hamas and Hezballah except 4 members of CAIR are now in Prison for terrorism funding and ties to 9/11 aid to the hijackers.
Khan and CAIR haven't seen the writting on the wall that Canadians are sick of the Muslim whiners like Dr.Elmasry who endorses murdering jews over 18 and yet the Police and CHRC feared charging him because Muslims would riot and torch cars and Building like in pakistan or Paris , it is pretty sad that with less than 1% of the population in Canada we see how CAIR and the Islamofascists created so much mistrust for all things Islamic that very few people will embrace islam or endorse it anymore .
Ever since CAIR was linked to Hamas and terror funding the private media no longer goes near Sheem khan , but the CBC is forced to let her spew tripe about Human Rights for females in Islam and how Sharia Law is better than our Charter Of Rights , TVO is another Public station forced to give her airtime to spew hate because CAIR and Elmasry like to us the CHRC and CRTC to silence people or spew hate.

Canada avoided 2 major terroism attacks by pakistanis right here in canada and out of the near 30 of them about 14 were citizens and yet they still wanted us dead after all that free health care and Education and free speech to call for the death of Israel and the USA.
The good news is that the Jihadists will kill off the left wing yahoos that still belive islam=peace , once the DNA pool is drained of the NDP types then the defended of freedom will take on these mesognyists that worship a killer thugs that had sex with a 9 year old child.

9:09 PM  

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