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Thursday, January 24, 2008

More cold weather...

I read today that there were two deaths in Israel due to the cold...
Last week, for the first time in modern memory, there was snow in Baghdad. A few days ago, NASA reported on the remarkable observation that more than 60 percent of 48 contiguous states were covered with snow. From Seattle to Bangor they were measuring the snowfall in feet instead of inches. Schools in Middle Tennessee took snow days. Children cheered. Parents wept. Please, Al, turn up the heat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you missed the memo. It's no longer "Global Warming", now it's "Climate Change". Hey you can't argue with that, this is definitely "change", right :^))


9:23 AM  
Anonymous x2para said...

the point for Goreites is that ANY unusual weather can be blamed on man made factors, thats the beauty of this socialist concoction. If the climate cools they say "look our efforts are working" and if it gets warmer they say "we have to do more"; its the ultimate win-win for left wing nutbars.

9:46 AM  

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