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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will Kingston teach the truth about Islamic History????

October is Islamic History Month.....but will people be taught the truth???
WHEREAS Canada's national cultural heritage is the sum total of the way Canadians from every background identify and express themselves; and,

WHEREAS Islamic civilization and heritage belongs not only to Muslim Canadians, but to all Canadians; and,

WHEREAS for more than 1000 years, Muslims made significant contributions to the well-being of humanity in numerous fields of endeavour; and,

WHEREAS Canadians of the Islamic faith are vital contributors to the fabric of Canadian society; and,

WHEREAS the histories of Canadians of the Islamic faith contribute to the enrichment of Canadian history; and,

WHEREAS Islamic History Month Canada is an unprecedented made-in-Canada educational and cultural project, both novel and much-needed; and,

WHEREAS Islamic History Month Canada is a month in which Canadian Muslims celebrate their civilizations and heritage, and their many contributions to the arts, sciences, architecture, humanities, music, spirituality, and every human knowledge, as well as their links with other cultures; and,
How about the continuing Jihad? The hatred of Jews? The hatred of Gays? The horrible treatment of women? How about Muslim contributions to the science of suicide bombings? Their hatred of Israel? Their ejection of over 800,000 Jews from Muslim countries? Will any of this be taught?


Blogger Beast said...

Kingston get some new Muslims moving in? Mayor looking for some votes? Wait till they want to impose Sharia law. What an idiot.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Beast said...

Interesting. When did THIS happen? I dont remember hearing anything about it.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamic 'civilization'? They found one?

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice the PC rant about Islam = Peace .

I'll take a guess that you are not of Aboriginal background because Islam and Muslims did squat for the Natives during 2 World wars and Korea.
It's not the Military I refering to , but how Black and Natives were allowed to be treated while Islam is said to have been in Canada since the 1860's .
Tarek Fatah and Mohummod Elmasry love to play the Race card to demonize white people in canada, but Islam has lots of blood on its Crescent just from the silence during oppression and that Hitler's SS had a Muslim sector after an Islamic leader Inked a deal with Adolf for the North African extermination of any jew.

Stop falling for the lies about Muhammad and Aisha, she was a child when he married her while in his 50's and in canada we call that Pedophilia. Muhammad was in at least 50 battles and he murdered 700 civilians at one time after his bogus Peace-pact to disarm a village.

My issue is about what the Muslims in canada don't say , which includes the lack of opining about the 9/11 Terrorists who slaughtered 24 canadians.
All we hear is that Islam doesn't not allow for the killing of innocent people, then Muhhamad goes on to declare every non-Muslim a enemy of Allah and Islam.
Gays are killed in public right in Palestine and yet the World lives in fear of offending Muslims who may be driven to become suicide-bombers on Subway trains.

Can you see a pattern here folks, connect the dots and then demand that a Muslim show you the Peaceful verses from the Quran instead of the usual cite for one line with no context prior to or after it.

12:06 AM  

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