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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hezbollah now has 42,000 rockets.....

This is in clear violation of the UN Security Council resolution passed after the Lebanon-Israel war in 2006....
Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday that Hezbollah had tripled its strength since the 2006 war in Lebanon, and that the pro-Iranian organization now possesses 42,000 rockets, some of which are capable of striking Ashkelon, Yerucham, and Dimona, Army Radio reported.


Anonymous Jen said...

According to a Israeli reporter who told Glenn Beck via cable; is that they are worried what Iran will attack them once OBAMA becomes president;
Hezbollah supported by Iran from the looks of it are also gearing up

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when are you going to start caring about the over 60 UN resolutions that Israel has broken in the last 40 years?

And what is 'pro-Iranian' supposed to mean. Hell who isn't 'pro-Iranian' (OK maybe people who hate Iranians for some reason but I think we can all that they are assholes. Is the article saying that they like the Iranian government? Get over the American propped up Iraqi government loves Iran. Hell America tactfully loves Iran considering all the help they hook the Yanks up for Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hezbollah went through it's process of Lebanonization in the 90s. They generally support the Lebanese status quo- no citizenship/voting for Palestinians, Christians in half the parliament- I dont even think they are fighting for proportional representation for Shia in the parliament they just want more representation but not necessarily dominant even though Shia constitute a plurality of Lebanon's population. They have no problem allying with some Christians (think Michel Anon) even if they have rocky relations with some other Christians and Sunni Muslims and Druze. But of course all though groups support Hezbollah's armed defense of Lebanon- Israel never does itself favours by bombing churches and civilian targets in northern Lebanon.

Although the armed militia really doesn't have much to do on a practical day to day basis with the political wing (think Sinn Fein/ PIRA)

I'm sure they aren't the only militia who has rearmed after Israel's invasion. I'm sure the Amal and the Communist Party have boosted their depleted weapons and manpower as well. What the hell to you expect them to do? - just chill out and wait for Israel to invade again. Israel has certianly rearmed- you can count on that.

9:07 PM  
Blogger GayandRight said...

Israel didn't invade Lebanon. The Lebanonese started the war, no????

And, i should add that Israel does not break Security Council resolutions which have the force of international law; general assembly resolutions do not.


10:56 PM  
Blogger Thermblog said...


Hizb'allah exists to destroy Israel.

Israel does not exist to destroy or even invade Lebanon.

Israeli incursions of surrounding territories are undertaken as a matter of self defence.

To suggest as you do that the two sides are somehow morally equal is at the very least, to delude yourself.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred- Hezbollah broke the ceasefire although Israel had did that pretty much every day.
Israel's massive invasion and total air war against Lebanon does not qualify as a simple retaliatory strike- it had been planned in advance and this was a convenient trigger. Also the vast majority of the members of all religious groups (who normally aren't entirely supportive of Hezbollah) in Lebanon agree that Hezbollah was legitimately defending against the Israeli invasion of their country.

Hezbollah certainly does not exist to destroy Israel. Hezbollah did not even exist the last time Israel invaded and occupied Lebanon. Hezbollah took shape around halfway through the IDF's and the SLA's 19 year occupation of South Lebanon. But by the end it was certainly a major factor in Israel's near total withdrawal.

Hezbollah are not some small group of people with masks- they are the people. They function much like a militia. Every man in that area of South Lebanon goes to Hezbollah boot camp and when Israel invades they are activated and defend their villages while the women and children are evacuated. (hmmmm I wonder what other middle eastern country that sounds like...)

Hezbollah make it clear that they are no fans of Israels but they have said that they will respect any Palestinian peace deal with the Israeli government. These are aren't exactly Al-Qaida types- they did condemn the 9/11 attacks after all.

6:19 PM  

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