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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Instructions for the speech police....

at Queen's University....
A derogatory term is posted on a floor, or is expressed in an interaction or while a joke is being told. The intergroup facilitator (IF) identifies the student who used the offending term and prepares to visit with the resident. The IF approaches the student in a friendly, non-confrontational, non-judgmental and open manner. After introductions, the IF broaches the topic with the resident and asks if they can chat about the incident. The IF might share their impact and inquire about the perspective of the student with respect to the use of the term. The two would ideally engage in a respectful and educational dialogue and the IF would gently challenge thinking if necessary. The IF will ask questions and use their communication skills to help the individual relate to the experience of marginalization or exclusion that comes from being the target of such derogatory terminology. The IF will end the conversation on a positive note or with an open invitation to discuss further."


Anonymous Peter Milot said...

When you put indoctrination ahead of education, you risk ending up with little fascist-marxist-communist-moaist-islamist-socialist-racist influenced graduates who are absolutely incapable of speaking their minds publicly unless it's politically correct.
The hallmark of the above mentioned political systems is repression of free speech, writing or action. If it isn't PC sanctioned, it's bad thinking.
The antipathy to freedom that is being pedaled by education systems in the industrialized world is crippling the next generation, at least until they hit the means streets of reality.
They are being softened up by the Lefts relentless campaign to collectivize us with the all-encompassing nanny state.
It's a good thing I graduated from college 30 years ago.
Back in my days, if some lickspittle had come up to me and tried telling what I could or couldn't say in public, he'd find himself duct-taped to the nearest statue while we quoted the the Magna Carta, US Constitution and the British North America Act.
But then again, I'm not in Kansas anymore.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for putting up the new post- not as bad as I thought. Probably a good tack to be non-judgmental and non-confrontational as possible but as we can see from the comment some people might still not be down with discussing and thinking about their subconscious use of language. Which is understandable so there is only a few ways for this to work:

1. The IF has to be not lame and command some sort of respect and preferably do more listening then talking. They should either be super hot chicks or built guys- so a little intimdation factor either way :-D.
2. Humour and lots of it.
3. Beer- at least a pitcher/Jager Bombs

So Queens is skating the shit line but it could still have a positive effect. People (I am so included) can say really terrible things but when you are called on it (like I have been) you can get your act together and become just slightly more mature and a little more secure in who you are.

And again thanks for bringing this up- defintly not a left/right issue here- we all have a vital interest in combating homophobia, sexism, and racism.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Louise said...

I think liberal arts faculties at our universities are darn near dead. They are no longer institutions of higher learning. Rather, they are incubators for political correctness. No learning or questioning required. Just open the top of your head and let the "professors" start pouring.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commented on this post before and I had an interesting experience at my university (not queens) today that relates to this topic really well.

Okay Latin class...
Guy A- this sentence is really gay!

awkward silence...

Guy B- I dont understand how a sentence can have a sexual orientation
general chuckling and agreement

TA(4yrs older then some the of the students at most- so same peer group)- yah some person the other day was like this building is really gay and I'm like how is that possible does it want to have sex with other buildings of similar shape and colour.
Person A (desperately trying to save face... and failing) No no no it means bad...
TA- yah we know but I don't think we should link that word to a negative connotation because it is not a bad thing
Person A (changing subject)- well I actually like this building it is kinda nice
TA ( gratefully agreeing to subject change)- yes this building is not that bad.

This super gently handled by everyone- no histrionics or lectures from anyone- no real judgment attached to Person A and you did feel that he was sorry even if he wasn't ready to say so. He'll probably think twice before using 'gay' inappropriately again.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Draconian said...

But in your example, a much more educated alumnus would say, "The term "gay" referred to excesses of culture, fashion and music engendered by the gay community and does not have anything to do with the sexual orientation itself, any more than a fetish, a taboo or a Paddy wagon has to do with a particular ethnic group today." These Intergroup Facilitators presume to speak gospel about inter-ethnic relations but the facts are strongly on the side of the Pioneer-descended people of Canada, who fought for the freedom that pleading, begging immigrant mendicants enjoy today.

Thomas Dooley was a medic in Vietnam in the 50's and early 60's. North Vietnamese refugees spoke about having escaped from the North Vietnamese version of Intergroup Facilitators. If they said anything that was "offensive" to the Viet Minh regime, they were subjected to a "Kosang", a group intervention with them at the centre. Under the torchlight in the bamboo huts, the assumption was that anything said critical of the Party was bad, an offense against the whole group, and with extreme peer-pressure the offender was brought to a tearful "self-criticism" Chicom (Chinese Communist) style, reviling his past actions and promising to do better. If they did it again, a second Kosang was called. There was never any third "Kosang". If it got to that point, the man was carried off and "disappeared".

2:35 PM  
Blogger Draconian said...

If these Intergroup Facilitators start roaming the halls of Queens residences, then just give the student some books which will make them more racially educated than the IFs supposedly hired to ride herd on them, such as:

THE END OF RACISM by Dinesh D'Souza (1995).
THE BELL CURVE by Herrnstein and Murray.
THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS by Jean Raspail (fiction from 1977 where he wrote about one million illegal immigrants landing in France on boats all at once, and the Politically Correct reaction of the government. In Canada we now have our waves of Fujian "boat persons" and the reaction was just as Raspail predicted).
THE WAR AGAINST BOYS by Christina Hoff Sommers.
NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER by Betty Mahmoody, 1986. (A two-week vacation to visit her husband's family in Iran led to a two-year involuntary stay in the Islamic Republic.)
AMONG THE BELIEVERS and BEYOND BELIEF by V.S. Naipaul, two books written 25 years apart about his travels to various Islamic countries.

2:45 PM  

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