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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Most Popular boys name in Norway - Mohammed...

For the last two years in a row...
The Central Statistics Office shows the name statistics for 2008.

Til sammen 120 gutter i Oslo fikk Mohammad som første fornavn i fjor. A total of 120 boys in Oslo had Mohammad as the first first name last year. Navnet skrives på mange forskjellige måter, men dette slås sammen i statistikken. Også i 2007 var Mohammad det mest populære guttenavnet i hovedstaden. The name is written in many different ways, but this turned up in the statistics. Also in 2007, Mohammad was the most popular boy name in the capital.


Blogger Randy said...

What does this mean?

Drawing any wider conclusions from that is dangerous. It could well be that 5% of boys are named Mohammed and that the runner-up is 4% Christian. As it happens only 2.3% of boys are named Muhammad.

11:52 AM  
Blogger kursk said...

Randy, Muslims are the fasting growing demographic in Europe.

Don't be blinded to the fact that this time around, Islam will be spread by the seed, and not by the sword.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

"Randy, Muslims are the fasting growing demographic in Europe."

... and this means, what? That this high growth will continue indefinitely?

At any rate, cohort fertility in Turkey and the Maghrebin countries which send most Muslim immigrants to Europe is rapidly dropping below replacement levels, even below the levels of northwest European countries like Britain, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden where immigrant fertility plays a minor role. If German Turks exhibit (as they do) a TFR of 1.9 versus 1.3 in the general population, while being a 4% of the popolation that's unpopular, they aren't going to make an Islamic Republic.

Besides, most of the immigrants coming to Europe aren't Muslim. Look at Spain, where Moroccans and other Muslim immigrants number a bit more than a half-million people out of 4.5 million immigrants. Shall we talk next about the Ecuadorean threat to Spain's national independence?

4:43 PM  

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