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Friday, February 27, 2009

Geert Wilders at Ahavath Torah Synagogue


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Wilders is spot on. There is a fundamental difference between our culture and that of islam. I will not try to explain why they hate us because it is not relevant. It is sufficient to point out that they mean to destroy us because of our differences. That is, we differ from them in such a large degree that we may as well be another species in their eyes. They mean to kill all of us, either for being Jewish or being merely the friends of Jews. That is all I need to know to come to the conclusion that they must be destroyed before they get us first. They've announced their intentions and it is high time we take them seriously and act. I've very little hope that Obama will act in our favor in regard to islam. The rest of the West is also mired in the swamp of cultural relativism and political correctness too. The manner in which Bush was systematically reviled for his actions on this subject makes me laugh. I have to laugh so that I wont spend what little time we have left crying. The West is in a dream mistakenly thinking it will never be forced to wake up. But consciousness will come suddenly and the way it looks now it will come too late. When it comes we'll be greeted by an islamic grim reaper who will give us just long enough to rub our eyes and see the sword before he beheads us all.

The West excoriated Bush (in the self-taught and well-learned practice of self-flagellation) for Iraq making claims of illegality based on Westphalia, as if Westphalia ever saved anyone. Europe, left staggering in the aftermath of the Thirty Years War, produced the document which defined war in a manner that allowed the belligerent to be legally identified. That is, it provided the basis from which nations could label who was wrong in any war. Mind you, it did nothing to prevent war. Terrorists have turned Westphalia on its head. Like a virus that has constructed the means to infect and injure its host, the islamic terrorists have inverted the principles of Westphalia and rendered it a tool to be used against us. It seems in the West, especially in Europe, that after centuries of warring we are so fed up with war. Having reached what can be considered the apex of our warring with successive world wars, the West now seems to want to cover its eyes and simply wish war away – at any cost, even if that cost is the lost of our culture. So tired are we of fighting ourselves that we have no energy to fight the outsider who sees us only as a pox upon the world (note that the reasons they see us this way are not rooted in any of the criticisms we have for ourselves when we argue – they do not quarrel with us about pollution, global warming, treatment of minorities, health care, social security, labor rights, etc.; no they simply see everything about us merely as things not proscribed by the koran and therefore wrong to such a degree that we must be eradicated). So now that we have tired of war we reserve our ire not for the outsider who seeks to attach and destroy us but instead for those among us that wish to defend us. And perversely and paradoxically (see Gödel) we point to the outmoded Westphalia model to pummel our protectors from the very people who have rendered that model outmoded.

How will the West die? Will it come to pass as the frog that sits impassively in the cold water as it is slowly brought to a boil? Europe seems to be surrendering in just this way. Or will it come in a flash as nuclear bombs detonate in cities across America and Israel? If islam destroys New York under a mushroom cloud will the West wake up? How many cities in America destroyed by nuclear bombs would it take before the West confronts islam with a war to settle the argument? Sadly, the answer the West seems to have to that question is not ‘zero cities’. Despite the fact that it took a war to end tyranny in America, it took a war to end slavery in America and it took a war to defeat fascism in Europe, we in the West apparently think the greater wrong was not tyranny, slavery or fascism but war. It was our defect that we could not end tyranny, slavery and fascism through the power of our argument, so the perverted reasoning goes, resulting in wars that could have been prevented. So we take the position today that war is the greatest evil, even when used to end other evils, and will hold steadfast to the alternative approach of reasoning with a foe that is prohibited by his holy book to reason with us.

I have no bloodlust. I abhor murder. But killing lest ye be killed is not murder. Killing in defense of one’s young is not murder. Our opponent has made it abundantly clear that just such a defense is not only justified but with each passing day it will be necessary. When Rome fell the Dark Ages began. Curious, isn’t it, that islam remains in the Dark Ages culturally? If the West fails the test thrust upon it from islam, what is left of the West will surely plunge back into the Dark Ages.

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