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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Anti-semitic incidents in Canada in 2008...

Here's a list of some of the incidents from the latest report from the B'nai Brith...

Saskatoon, SK – White power symbols and swastikas are used as part of an ongoing graffiti spree defacing public property.

Edmonton, AB – A synagogue is vandalized, and its windows smashed.

Toronto, ON – A dispute between two businessmen, one of them Jewish, ends with antisemitic slurs and an assault against the Jew.

Toronto, ON – Chants at a rally against anti-Black graffiti at a university campus degenerate into antisemitic rants.


Vancouver, BC – Audience members participate in antisemitic tirades following a talk by an anti-Zionist speaker in the Vancouver Public Library.

Ottawa, ON – Antisemitic stickers showing the Jewish Magen David (Star of David) being thrown into the garbage are posted on public sites throughout the city.

Toronto, ON – Debate at a public school board about a proposed Afro-centric school turns into antisemitic rants against trustees who did not support the proposal, one of whom is Jewish.

Regina, SK – Charges against Terry Tremaine for online hate result in antisemitic tirades on neo-Nazi, white supremacist sites.

Winnipeg, MB – A young Jewish boy traveling with his mother on a public bus is threatened and taunted with antisemitic slurs.

Hamilton, ON – “Death to Jews” is shouted repeatedly at an anti-Israel rally held on the McMaster University campus.


Calgary, AB – A neo-Nazi march features antisemitic rants about “Jewish lies”.

Saint-Sauveur, QC - A swastika marked with the word ”Jew” is scrawled on a Jewish teacher’s classroom display board.

Ottawa, ON - A threatening antisemitic letter is sent to a Jew at his home address.

Winnipeg, MB – A seven-year-old is sent to school with a swastika drawn on her arm.


Toronto, ON – A government health worker is called a “Christ Killer” by her supervisor.

Winnipeg, MB – A man protesting the City’s budget carries a sign comparing the Jewish Mayor to Hitler.

Thornhill, ON – An email in Russian repeats an ageold blood libel, warning recipients to watch over their children lest they be kidnapped by Jews who will, it is alleged, use the infants’ blood to make matzas (unleavened bread) for Passover.

London, ON – Public facilities on the University of Western Ontario campus are defaced with antisemitic graffiti.

Calgary, AB – A high school student is harassed by fellow students who repeat antisemitic slurs.

St. Catharines, ON – A high school is hit by spates of ugly antisemitic graffiti twice in one week, including KKK signs, swastikas and a Star of David, along with several hate messages.


Toronto, ON – A synagogue renting space in a public school facility is vandalized by local teens, following several weeks of intentional disturbances during services.

Georgina, ON - High school students are arrested after a swastika is found scrawled above a German flag at a local high school.

Winnipeg, MB – An antisemitic letter is sent to the Rabbi of a synagogue.

Toronto, ON – A Jewish organization receives mail blaming Jews for the removal of the Lord’s Prayer from the daily proceedings in the provincial government, as part of an alleged conspiracy to wipe out Christianity.

Vancouver, BC – A home-made newspaper featuring antisemitic content is printed and distributed.

Moncton, NB – Cars are defaced with swastikas.


Kelowna, BC - Hate-filled antisemitic slogans and swastikas are spraypainted on the Okanagan Jewish Community Centre and synagogue, as well as local schools and other public sites.

Ottawa, ON – A Jewish student is forced to face ongoing harassment from fellow students.

Quebec City, QC – A customer is told not to be “a Jew” when he requests reimbursement.

Richmond Hill, ON – A Jewish high school student is sent antisemitic threats on Facebook.

Montreal, QC – A blogger writes antisemitic comments about Hassidim in Quebec.


Winnipeg, MB – A billboard for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is defaced with swastikas and threatening messaging such as “Kill all Jews”.

Moncton, NB –A number of city sites, including a university, are defaced with antisemitic slurs as well as swastikas, as part of a vandalism spree.

Regina, SK –A synagogue is vandalized twice in one month.

Cloyne, ON – Teenagers berate Jewish camp counsellors with antisemitic slurs, which is followed by vandalism of a local Jewish camp.

Mississauga, ON – A park is defaced with antisemitic graffiti, including the signature “Hitler youth”.


Sainte-Agathe, QC – A visibly Jewish man visiting the area is assaulted while walking to synagogue, while bystanders watch.

Toronto, ON – A newspaper designed to assist the homeless contains antisemitic articles.

Sainte-Agathe, QC – Messages are sent to a local synagogue threatening to burn it and calling for “Death to the Jews”.

Toronto, ON – Blogs blame Jews for the propane blast that rocks the Downsview area of the city.


Montreal, QC – An antisemitic email is sent to hundreds of addresses, warning recipients to beware of Jews.

Toronto, ON – A mezuzah is torn down from a house, and smashed into pieces.

Montreal, QC – A clerk at a coffee shop refuses to serve a Jew after she sees a Magen David (Jewish Star) on the customer’s necklace.

Toronto, ON – A Jewish judge is sent an antisemitic letter.

Victoria, BC – An antisemitic rant, complete with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, is posted to a chat forum for horse enthusiasts.

Moncton, NB – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an age-old antisemitic forgery, is posted on a YouTube link.

Barrie, ON – A synagogue is defaced with the word “Nazi” just prior to the High Holidays.

Thornhill, ON – Worshippers are threatened and harassed as they walk home from Saturday morning services at their local synagogue.


Toronto, ON – A trailer on the property of a Jewish day school is defaced with antisemitic graffiti, including KKK signs and the wording “I love Hitler”.

Hamilton, ON – Antisemitic slurs and swastikas deface public sites throughout the city.

Montreal, QC – Bricks are thrown through the windows of a synagogue.

London, ON – A neo-Nazi website posts complaints that the City has too many Jews.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Public sites are defaced with swastikas.


Kingston, ON – A Rabbi receives a threatening, antisemitic call at his home.

Montreal, QC – An antisemitic image is found on the packaging of a Russian product on sale in local stores.

Saskatoon, SK – The message “Bomb Israel” is spraypainted on a local synagogue.

Toronto, ON – Antisemitic slurs are posted on a mosque website.

Kingston, ON – A Jewish student’s car is vandalized with swastikas and the words “dirty Jew”.

Toronto, ON – The epithet “Heil Hitler” is found on a community centre in a predominantly Jewish area.

Stratford, ON –A residential area is defaced with antisemitic graffiti as part of a vandalism spree.

Calgary, AB – A posting on Facebook calls for a “Kick a Jew Day”.


Huntsville, ON – Threatening antisemitic messages are posted on Facebook after the victim broke up with her boyfriend.

Charlottetown, PEI – A Revenue Canada employee tells a taxpayer not to worry, the agency is “Not Jewing” him.

Wolfville, NS – A caller to a local radio show blames Jews for the Mumbai attacks.

Thornhill, ON – An email is circulated in the workplace calling for a boycott against Jews.

Ottawa, ON – A Chanukah display in front of a Jewish home is destroyed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is shocking! How can Canadians tolerate this in their midst? How can people be so hate motivated? It is clear that antisemitism is a sickness that infects people who are uninformed and not thoughtful.

Why do people hate Jews? Not the reasons that they claim but the REAL reason? What kind of person entertains this kind of thinking as a core to their identity?

I think if 'most' of these people REALLY looked at the reality of it all they would not only admire the Jews their tenacity in the face of such abuses but they would even come to love the Jewish outlook on life! How do people go from the former to the latter? No body likes to be bullied so why then do some like to be the bully?

4:43 PM  

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