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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can't they build their own mosques???

Yet again, the west tries to whitewash Islamic violence with the claim that they are 'marginalized'...this is from the Dutch press....
Religious elders in Athens fear that the city's long-marginalised Muslims are a "time bomb" waiting to explode after a sudden eruption of violence offered a glimpse at their sense of anger and frustration.

Two days of clashes late last week, which broke out during a rally by around 1,000 Muslims in the Greek capital, followed claims that a police officer had torn up an Iraqi migrant's pocket Koran excerpt during an identity check.

More than a dozen people were injured, scores of cars vandalised and a handful of shops had their windows smashed. Police made 46 arrests.

Although the lid was soon placed on the violence, Muslim leaders who condemned the unrest also warned the state must act quickly to reverse the sense of marginalisation.

"This is a time bomb," said Naim El Gadour, chairman of the Muslim Union of Greece. "It might not explode now but in 10 years it will be a huge problem."

Thousands of Muslims from Arab nations, Africa and the Indian subcontinent now live and work in Athens, often scraping by with meagre wages and in squalid accommodation.

A long-standing grievance is that despite years of promises the Greek state has provided no official prayer sites, forcing the faithful to set up makeshift mosques in rented flats and disused warehouses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice piece, puts all blame on the people of Athens. Perhaps the Muslims should follow the old axiom, "When in Rome...".

Typical that they seek to take over a country rather than become part of it.

1:39 AM  

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