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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Islam stops another book....

Of course, this is another example of self-censorship....
A German publisher has cancelled plans to publish a mass-market novel out of fears that it might face violent protests due to a rude reference to the Koran, Der Spiegel magazine reported Saturday.

The crime novel – about the “honour killing” of a Muslim woman – had been scheduled for September publication, but the Droste publishing company of Dusseldorf decided not to print it after all, the magazine said in a story to appear in its Monday issue.

It said the publisher had first asked the author, Gabriele Brinkmann, writing under the pen name WW Domsky, to tone down dialogue in “To Those Worthy of Honour” which might be construed as offensive, but she had refused.

Spiegel reported that the offensive phrase in question was a character saying: “You can shove your Koran up …”

Publisher Felix Droste had asked an expert on Islamic society to study whether the crime story’s text could compromise the safety of his firm or his family, and the expert suggested the phrase be modified.

But the author refused to alter it to “You can shove your honour up …”


Blogger Historyscoper said...

As Islamic zombies march into Europe expecting to be treated first class, the West is so full of history ignoramuses when it comes to Islam that they're dumb enough to allow it.

Surprise, once they're there, they don't want you to know that ever since Day One Islam's number one plan has been to conquer the world by force and make every infidel who won't convert into a 9th class citizen with no rights who must pay lifetime tribute.

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and tell our friends.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Warren said...

Say, publish, display and comment on, anything you damn well please. When the usual suspects show up to demonstrate, load them onto truck and drive them to the airport for a one-way trip back to wherever they came from. After the first plane-load, those that didn't get deported will quiet down... but take no guff from them They will either behave or else. Same goes for all of Europe and anywhere else they squawk.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, the a 747 and use it as the grease.

11:50 AM  

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