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Monday, November 16, 2009

Middle East peace talks must include Jewish refugees...

I agree, if you are going to negotiate about Arab refugees, then why not Jewish???
The Knesset has passed an initial reading of a proposal, stipulating that negotiations on Arab refugees must include demands for compensation of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries made Aliyah [immigration] to Israel in its early years, after being banished and forced to leave behind property and asset worth billions of dollars. A legislative proposal on the issue by Knesset Member Nissim Zev (Shas) passed its preliminary Knesset reading on Sunday.

The bill stipulates that in any negotiations with the Palestinian Authority on the rights of Arabs who left Israel in 1948, the government of Israel would be required to present its own demands for reparations for the Jews of Arab countries.


Blogger Skinny Dipper said...

It's an interesting negotiating tactic on Israel's part. Essentially, if the Palestinians agreed to all of Israel's demands, the Palestinians would end up with nothing unless the other Arab states would be required to agree and also recognize Israel's existence and right to exist.

9:16 PM  
Blogger dprosenthal said...

I believe the real point is that the statute of limitations has long since run out for both sides and this is merely an answer to Palestinian claims to certain lands that Israel won years ago, not by assault but because so many local Arabs believed that they would be able to return and claim ALL of the land when the surrounding countries drove all the Jews into the sea.
Their promises were as worthless then as they are today, and even though they were responsible for the initial losses of 'Palestinian' land, they never felt an obligation to help their brothers with anything except weapons.

9:34 AM  

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