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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The real scandal about Afghanistan...

Adrian MacNair hits it on the head...
But let’s be clear here. The Conservative government may not be hiding anything when it comes to the detainee documents, although of course quite a few people think they are. No, the biggest problem with the Conservatives is that they stopped communicating about the Afghan mission back in 2008 when it was decided by a bi-partisan vote to extend the mission to 2011, and then leave.

Since then, the Conservatives have done nil to none in promoting the benefits, the progress, the breakthroughs that we’ve made there, all the while taking a barrage of propaganda from the opposition that could not serve the interests of the enemy any better than had they consigned them to do it. The largest failure in this mission is the almost complete refusal of NATO nations to properly explain the imperative of mission success and the high stakes involved [save for Denmark].


Anonymous Jan said...

Are you not following what's going on over there at all? Here's a hint - check the American news, apparently their government doesn't see the need to keep everything a secret.

3:12 AM  

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