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Sunday, April 25, 2010

George Galloway lies in the Globe & Mail....

Here's a quote from George Galloway in the Globe & Mail...
The Canadian government says you gave about $45,000 to Hamas and that’s part of why you shouldn’t be allowed here.

I didn’t give any money to Hamas, I gave it to the ministry of health in Gaza to pay for the salaries of the doctors and nurses who hadn’t been paid. By the way, we’re talking about 20 odd thousand pounds, not millions. It’s a symbolic donation. I gave it to the ministry of health in Gaza and I’m proud to have done so.
Now, here the actual quote from George Galloway on Al-Jazeera from his trip to Gaza...
But I, now, here, on behalf of myself, my sister Yvonne Ridley, and the two Respect councillors – Muhammad Ishtiaq and Naim Khan – are giving three cars and 25,000 pounds in cash to Prime Minister Ismail Haniya. Here is the money. This is not charity. This is politics. The government of Palestine is the best people where this money is needed. We are giving this money now to the government of Palestine. If I could, I would give them 10 times, 100 times more. We are against this siege. We are opposing this siege. We are breaking this siege. We are breaking this siege.


Anonymous Fay said...

Thankyou for pointing this out. Our lousy Canadian National Press Gallery don't care about the truth or what is best for Canada.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Philanthropist said...

it's illegal to pay people to kill other people, that's the law in the civilized world, you would think he would understand that even though he is from The Islamic Republik of Britain

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Olivia chow and Howard Hampton are on record at a UofT meeting with Galloway where they both stood and clapped when he justified the slaughter of 24 canadian civilians by 19 Muslim on 9/11. A reporter was there and shocked at what he saw, but when I sent the same report to a radio station for posting on their blog, the show host purged the comment of the link for MP Chow and MPP Hampton exalting the murderers of 24 canadians in N.Y. on 9/11.
Galloway even declared that canada was at war with islam because we were in Afghanistan and had navy ships in the gulf to aid the Iraq war.
What's so odd is that the Leftists fell for Chretiens denial of our Navy in the Iraq war and then Martin boasted about canada not joining the Americans in the iraq war. We even take in American refugees fleeing the military they signed up for, i wonder if canadians can now flee to the USA as Afghan resistors???.
Andy Berry from the CBC was a draft-dodger who is alive, but the Black-youth from the ghetto took his place and died in Vietnam for him. Sounds a bit like the Trudeau in him when Pierre mock our troops with a Nazi helmet on his head,that was befor Hitler's european tour to take over france.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's Galloway partner Yvonne Ridley admitting that they gave cash to the Hamas leader

3:36 AM  

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