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Monday, May 10, 2010

Shoe bomber arrested in Karachi....

Now, we'll still have to take off our shoes at airports...
PAKISTANI officers have arrested a man at Karachi airport after batteries and an electrical circuit were found in his shoes as he tried to board a plane for the Middle East.

The 30-year-old civil engineer allegedly told interrogators he came from Pakistan's northwestern province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where Taliban and Islamist militants have a presence, and had been scheduled to travel to Muscat by Thai Airways.

Mohammad Munir, Airport Security Force spokesman, said the bearded man, whom he named as Faiz Mohammad, was arrested when a scanner sounded an alarm.

The suspect was not found in possession of explosives, but Mr Munir described the circuit discovery as "worrying".

"He was on the way to board flight TG 507 for Muscat. After the machine gave the alarm, we checked him manually," he said.

"We have recovered four live batteries and a circuit, with a button to switch it on and off," Mr Munir said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

KARACHI (Reuters) – A Pakistani man arrested at Karachi airport with batteries and electrical circuits in his shoes was likely wearing "therapy shoes" and his detention could be a false alarm, officials said on Monday.

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