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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Flotilla 'activists' start their lies..

Here we go....we're going to be bombarded with these lies for the next few days....
Returning activists admitted fighting with the Israelis but insisted their actions were in self defense, because the ships were boarded in international waters by a military force.

"We first thought they were trying to scare us," said Bulent Yildirim, the head of the Islamic charity group IHH that organized the flotilla, following his deportation from Israel Thursday. "When we started morning prayers, they began attacking from everywhere, from the boats, from the helicopters. Our friends only performed civil resistance."

Yildirim said the activists fought the Israeli commandos with chairs and sticks and that they seized weapons from some Israeli soldiers, but threw them into the sea.

Israel says two of the seven soldiers wounded were shot with guns that were wrested from them, while a third was stabbed.

"Even if we had used the guns that would be still a legitimate self defense," Yildirim said.
Ahhh...attacked during morning prayers...but the videos show something completely different...


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