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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hugo Chavez has an anti-semitic news service!

Check it out....
Those who claim that Hugo Chavez and his ruling clique in Venezuela are “anti-Zionist” not “anti-semitic” would do well to visit—an “alternative” media source co-founded by Martín Sánchez, the Venezuelan Consul General in San Francisco and by Gonzalo Gómez an active member of the governing party, PSUV.

No double-talk or euphemisms here… the news stories and commentaries on this website are pure, undiluted anti-semitism.

A sampling of the articles:

“Failed Zionists, Jews, Fascists, Murderers” — Written in response to the war in Gaza, the commentator says the Zionists “coolly determined that killing thousands of Palestinians in a single operation would facilitate the final dispossession of the ancestral lands of the village that gave birth to the Messiah, whom their predecessors murdered 2009 years ago.”

“Jews, Schemers, and Murderers” — A bizarre “history” of Jewish intrigue, beginning with the observation that Jews have carried the stigma of cowardice ever since their false God Yahweh killed 200,000 Israelites in retribution for King David’s census (because the Jewish God feared Moloch and needed to prove his credentials as a powerful warrior).

“Hunting Jews” — An “expose” about the “alleged” Holocaust: “If we stop a moment and review the history, we should ask: Why has the supposed extermination of the Jews had and still has more notoriety than the actual extermination of African people? Why has the alleged extermination of Jews achieved major fame?….Does this have to do with a particular project which has sought to make Israel and the Zionist Jews the real owners of this world?”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it Hugo's Arab Islamist buddies behind the African genocide?

2:05 AM  

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