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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Holocaust Cost Jews $230-$320 Billion....

An Israeli government report estimates that the material damage to the Jewish people from the holocaust was between $230-$320 billion.
The report - the first time such an estimate has been published in an official government document - was based on data from earlier reports, and includes damages of three kinds: private property stolen from Jews in banks, insurance policies, and financial assets, real estate, jewelry, furniture, intellectual property, religious artifacts and other valuable objects.

This type of property amounts to $150 billion. Two other types of damages are the loss of income ($100 billion to 150 billion), and unpaid wages ($50 billion) of forced labor workers.

Mor told Haaretz Tuesday that the authors of the report did not include an estimate on the value of the loss of life of six million Jews, because they were guided by the principle established in the 1950s that "one does not claim money for those who perished."

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