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Sunday, May 29, 2005

French say no...will the EU listen?

Very good news....but, somehow, I believe the EU will work around this..perhaps a second vote..
EUROPEAN leaders desperately played down Europe’s biggest crisis in 50 years as voters in France overwhelmingly rejected the European constitution.

They pledged to push ahead and to find a way to get the treaty ratified, although EU analysts say that the French “non” is almost certain to kill off the treaty, bring to a grinding halt decades of “ever-deeper integration” and kill off Turkey’s chances of becoming a member.

The size of the “no” vote, and the high turn out, will make it far more difficult for EU leaders to push ahead with the constitution.

They also fear that the rejection by France will make it far more likely for the Dutch to say “nee” in their referendum on Wednesday, which would almost certainly be a fatal blow to the treaty.
Let's hope the Dutch say NO as well.