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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Taiwanese reporters barred from conference...

Why does the world tolerate such poor behavior against Taiwan.
There is an upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly, an adjunct of World Health Organization, a UN sub-agency. For years China has exerted its considerable influence within the UN to keep Taiwan out of all possible UN organizations including WHO, and that includes pushing them out of a WFA conference. This is a totally illogical position, especially from a country such as China, literally plagued both by SARS and a rural time bomb of influenza that has the potential of launching a global pandemic. Given the possible world health disaster that China could promulgate, wouldn’t it make sense to seek involvement of Taiwanese scientists and researchers as well as those from the rest of the developed world? Not to China, apparently, because it persists in using all of its influence and every subterfuge to exclude Taiwan from WHA.

It a move designed to lock in the Bully of the Month award, China has successfully convinced the UN to exclude Taiwanese reporters from even covering the World Health Assembly. In order to be accredited to the conference, the UN stipulated this year that reporters "must present a current passport from a state recognized by the UN." Since every state but democratic Taiwan is a member of the UN (including, of course, some that perpetrate the most horrific abuses upon their citizens, e.g., North Korea, Sudan, and China), the exclusion is clearly aimed at Taiwan’s press.
I guess money talks.