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Friday, May 20, 2005

Women's body held by animal rights activists

This story is indeed bizarre and it shows just how low so-called animal rights activists will go. Gladys Hammond, an 83 year old pensioner who died in 1997, has been snatched from her grave by activists. They are trying to force Hammond's family to stop breeding guinea pigs.
Animal rights groups allege the guinea pigs are ill-treated and should not be sold to laboratories. The grave desecration is the latest tactic in six years of attacks on the Halls (he daughter's family), their friends, family members, business associates and neighbours.

Some of the protestors' actions are so extreme that a judge recently described them as a "guerilla campaign" and a "form of terrorism"
The daughter's home has been vandalized, power lines cut to their home, rocks thrown threw windows, her water supply has been turned off, restaurants warned not to serve the family, etc.