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Monday, October 31, 2005

IsraPundit writes to Paul Martin...

This is a must-read...a letter to the Paul Martin from IsraPundit criticizing Canada's foreign policy.
While I was pleased with Mr. Pettigrew’s official statement of condemnation of Ahmadinejad for his recent Jew/Israel hate speech calling for Muslims to wipe Israel off the map, I was not pleased to learn from Mr. Stockwell Day’s press release October 26th, 2005 that while he had urged your Government to begin to take meaningful steps against the Islamic regime in Iran, you refused and you further refused to ask the United Nations to consider sanctions against Iran.

Since 1979, Iran has been a main supporter and exporter of radical Islamic ideology and terrorism as well as the Jew/Israel hatred heard in Ahmadinejad’s recent speech. In the Arab and Palestinian world, Muslim leaders and imams, daily disseminate and incite Jew hatred and call for Israel’s destruction in their state controlled radio, television and newspapers. That the Muslim world, including the Palestinians have not joined the West in condemning Iran’s call to wipe Israel off the map, should be a further wakeup call that the West and especially Israel, has more than just Iran to fear and worry about
Please read the whole letter.


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