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Monday, November 21, 2005

200,000 Jordanians march for peace...

You might have missed this on the news....but this is important.
In world history, it is rare to see a monarchy leading a revolution, but in Jordan, it may be happening now. Since the bloody strikes by terrorist Abu Mus'aab al Zarqawi against civilian targets in downtown Amman last week, the world is watching tens of thousands of Jordanian citizens taking to the streets to protest the plague of Irhaab (terrorism). During the last march, more than 200,000 Jordanians poured onto the streets attacking Zarqawi’s al-Qaeda and denouncing the jihad that struck during a Muslim wedding. Clearly, anger is building in this purely Arab, almost entirely Sunni, desert country. The sight of the popular demonstrations is reminiscent of Beirut’s Cedar Revolution last March. Simple people, poor people, and the regular Ahmad and Khadija on the street are engaging in a war of words and ideas against the terrorists.

Indeed, any Arab speaking (or reading) sociologist would tell you that the marchers’ banners, the slogans chanted, and the graffiti on the walls are indicative of the new times: No to Terrorism, no to bloodshed in the name of religion and no to radical clerics who are playing with people's lives. These are the gist of popular discontent in this very Arab country.


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