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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Is this going to come to Canada?

This is from the Daily Telegraph. But, why do they say parents...shouldn't it be dads?
Parents who refuse to pay child maintenance could be electronically tagged under a curfew system being considered by ministers.

John Hutton, the Work and Pensions Secretary, confirmed yesterday that the Child Support Agency may be given powers to apply to courts to tag parents who failed in their obligations.

"I am very much in favour of getting tough with people who are not meeting their responsibilities to their children," Mr Hutton said.

Asked about tagging, he told Today on BBC Radio 4: "I have already said to the CSA that I wanted to get tougher with those dads who aren't paying for their kids and I am sure there will be a strong groundswell of support for such an approach."
Unfortunately, today Dads are typically seen as just walking wallets. You'll notice in this article, there is nothing about mothers who don't provide access to their sons and daughters.


Blogger GerriCan said...

Mom's can and do get away with murder in our Canadian Justice system. I have heard the words "a mother wouldn't do that" come out of a judge's mouth when considerable evidence was right in front of her. In my fiance's divorce, according to the terms of settlement - his ex wife owes him tens of thousands of dollars in child support - she has been allowed to walk away from it, and now HE who makes significantly less money than SHE, is somehow in the payor position?!?!? Even though they have almost equal custody. He is seen as a deadbeat for getting a few hundred dollars behind, she has yet to pay a cent of the over $40,000 she owes. Our system is unfair, and our MP doesn't give a crap. VOTE ANDERS OUT!

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