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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Steyn on demography...

Mark Steyn has written a terrific article on the demography of the west.
....we fret about McDonald’s and Disney, but the big globalization success story is the way the Saudis have taken what was eighty years ago a severe but obscure and unimportant strain of Islam practiced by Bedouins of no fixed abode and successfully exported it to the heart of Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Manchester, Buffalo …
A very important point. If you have the chance, please read his article. I don't agree with everything that Steyn write about - certainly not his stuff on the so-called 'gay agenda', but he is crack on with the other stuff. By the way, I am not sure if the link is still working.


Blogger Ottawa Core said...

the link sends that the account has been suspended.

i'm not anywhere near able to say steyn's concept of time and numbers are correct but it seems rather strident claims that a sect of islam has been expanded within an eighty year time frame to encompass such a small number of countries. isn't islam the number two religion in the world? i guess he's got to scare us about islam. ooh.

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