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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shame on Vancouver fans....

I'm really happy that Canada won the Gold tonight at the World Junior Hockey Championship. But, it's embarrassing that Vancouvers fans booed US kids during the USA-Russia game. The fans chanted, "US sucks!"...and this is at 17-19 year olds.

As the National Post says:
And imagine the Canadian reaction if an American hockey crowd had chanted "Canada sucks!" Imagine the country-wide alarm! Imagine the CBC televised forum hosted by Peter Mansbridge on the crisis in US-Canadian relations, featuring the nationalist ravings of Maude Barlow!


Blogger langmann said...

I'm from Vancouver and I'm disappointed as well. Canadians seem so quick to voyeurlistically point out any stupidity in our US neighbours but then have this amazing capacity to mimic the so-called hillbillies we love to criticise... at a kids game of all places. Such tact.

btw: good site, here's from another conservative like you, though I doubt we'll ever have a party we can fully agree with - but that's reality.

1:12 AM  

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