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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Brokeback Mountain helps Alberta!

Glad to see Alberta taking advantage of Brokeback Mountain!
Alberta – still riding the success of Brokeback Mountain – has dispatched a small herd of cowboys to Manhattan in hopes of roping in some tourists.

About 10 authentic Alberta rodeo stars and ranch hands were hired along with some ruggedly good looking American actors and models to wander the streets of Manhattan passing out brochures in the shape of cowboy hats and T-shirts to passersby.

The hired hands will also be demonstrating roping skills at Grand Central Station and other New York City landmarks as part of a major travel show there this weekend.

The trip was organized by Travel Alberta as part of its efforts to promote tourism in the western province.

Noelle Aune, a spokesperson for Travel Alberta, say the agency has used cowboy themes in the past but figures the success of the gay cowboy romance, Brokeback Mountain, will further their cause.

"We're delighted that Brokeback Mountain was filmed in Alberta and we certainly sort of see the magnificent unspoiled scenery as part of Alberta and the major star in the film."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you post some of the scenery that was depicted in the film Brokeback Mountain? Please make it dowloadable. Some of what we saw was glorious as far as Alberta scenery goes

11:29 PM  

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