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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mugabe threatens to arrest pro-gay clergy...

This man needs to be relieved....
He then launched into a tirade against gays, a familiar strain for him.

Speaking in Shona, one of Zimbabwe's two major tongues, Mugabe denounced homosexuality.

"Leave whites to do that," he declared.

Mugabe told the cheering throng that same-sex marriage is a threat to mankind and condemned churches that bless gay unions.

He said his government would jail and clergy who performed a blessing ceremony for gay couples in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is heavily Anglican and the speech was applauded by Anglican priests in the crowd.

Mugabe routinely refers to gays as dogs and has on two occasions ordered police to round up and imprison gays.


Blogger Roy Eappen said...

Mugabe is a mad dog and needs to be taken down. he has destroyed a thriving agricultural economy and is relegating his people to poverty and starvation.

1:33 PM  

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