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Monday, February 26, 2007

Animal Rights Terrorists Strike Again....

These aren't fanatics...but terrorists...
An Oxford college has been firebombed by animal rights campaigners - almost one year after a fightback was launched against intimidation by extremists.

Two incendiary bombs were found in an annexe of Templeton College, forcing the evacuation of dozens of staff and students.

An extremist Internet bulletin board, which acts on behalf of the Animal Liberation Front, claimed responsibility for the devices.

Both failed to explode but are the latest in a wave of attacks on the university which refuses to end animal testing in its laboratories.

In February last year a 16-year-old schoolboy, Laurie Pycroft, formed Pro Test, a group speaking out in favour of vivisection at the university.

Central to the controversy has been the construction of a vast new £20 million animal research laboratory. This has led to anyone connected to the university becoming a 'legitimate' target for the fanatics.

A posting on the BiteBack website said the attack was carried out on February 18.

It read: "This latest action is part of an ongoing fight against the University of Oxford and its continued reign of terror over the unseen victims inside its animal labs."


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