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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More on that meeting between Canadian Anti-War Groups and Terrorists in Cairo...

The Ottawa Citizen makes it front page news for the past two days...good for them...

According to an audio clip obtained yesterday by the Citizen, the activists issued the call at a public meeting April 27 in Toronto at which Canadian delegates reported on their experiences at the March 29 to April 1 Cairo Conference.

The focus of the conference was to forge an international alliance against "imperialism and Zionism." Twenty Canadians attended, mostly from Canadian antiwar groups.*

The participants included representatives -- some quite senior -- of four Islamist groups listed as terrorist organizations by the Canadian government, including Hamas and Hezbollah.

In an interview, David Harris, a terrorism expert and former chief of strategic planning for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), said it was "absolutely extraordinary" that antiwar groups would align themselves with radical Islamic groups.

"At the very least, people associated with the organizations connected with this should feel mortified and horrified," he said.

The 90-minute meeting on April 27 at the Steelworkers' Hall on Cecil Street in downtown Toronto was chaired by James Clark of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, who was one of the delegates at the Cairo meeting. Seven other delegates also presented reports.

According to the audio recording, several talked about how "resistance movements" in the Middle East are keen to improve relations with antiwar and leftist groups in the West.

"What we saw in Cairo were the first signs that a world movement is beginning to come together," Suzanne Rice, one of the Canadian delegates, told the gathering.

A number of speakers urged audience members to sign up for next year's Cairo conference so an even larger Canadian delegation could attend.

"We have to forge a more solid and more united anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist movement here to be able to have something to show our brothers and sisters when we get back," said one speaker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate crimes legislation should be put to good use on these 'peaceniks' and their Islamist-fascist allies who actually threaten us, even though it was designed to chase out neo-Nazi morons who are too stupid to pose an actual danger to our society.

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