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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Demographic problems in the UK...

I don't care about white or non-white....the real issue is whether the Pakistani populations is going to rein in the radicals...
White people living in the UK's second biggest city are likely to find themselves in a minority in 20 years' time, according to researchers.

A team of demographers from Manchester University has claimed that the number of white people living in Birmingham will be overtaken by the number of those with other ethnic origins by 2027.

The news came as it emerged that 35 towns and cities in Britain have at least one ward which is "minority white".

And experts have already forecast that Leicester could become the first city in which white people are a minority in four years' time.

Ludi Simpson, a social statistician at Manchester University, said the Pakistani population in Birmingham was likely to double by 2026, but with two-thirds of this increase due to the relatively younger age profile of Pakistanis, rather than increased immigration.


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