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Friday, October 26, 2007

Can someone check the CBC????

I bet the same results would happen for the CBC.....
The BBC has frequently been accused of having a liberal bias.

But now the corporation's own staff appear to have confirmed this by revealing their political views on the networking website Facebook.

A survey of BBC employees with profiles on the site showed that 11 times more of them class themselves as "liberal" than "conservative".

Critics seized on the figures as evidence that the supposedly impartial corporation, paid for by the licence fee, is dominated by liberals.

All Facebook members can record their political views in their profile – choosing between very conservative, conservative, moderate, liberal, very lib "other".

They can also keep their stance a secret.

Research by the conservativehome. com website showed that 1,340 staff put themselves in the "liberal" or "very liberal" category, compared with just 120 who were "conservative" or "very conservative". Some 340 regard themselves as "moderate".


Blogger GDW said...

Very interesting, because the obvious answer to give if you're a journalist is either "moderate" or no answer at all. Not a surprise, though.

As for our own CanCon derivative on Front Street, they're liberal because they're just old and have been doing same job since the seventies. Where else can you still hear someone going on about Expo '67?

2:41 AM  

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