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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hamas uses synagogues to train terrorists....

The Israelis couldn't demolish them....but could you imagine the outrage if Israel used mosques to train the IDF????
In July 2004 the government had already reached the decision to disengage Gaza and to demolish the public buildings there, without exception.

Time and again, the government bombarded the High Court of Justice explaining why the judges must not be permitted to interfere in the decision to demolish the synagogues.

However, at some point, the tables were turned. Then-Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Silvan Shalom, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and Matan Vilnai suddenly opposed the decision. The ministers started raising creative ideas to allow the synagogues to stay standing.

Limor Livnat suggested involving UNESCO, with the hopes they would declare Gush Katif synagogues as official World Heritage Sites.

The final decision was received in September 2005, following the residents’ evacuation and a day before the IDF’s definitive pullout from the Gaza Strip.

Despite the objection, the government decided to leave public buildings, kindergartens, libraries, schools and other structures whole for the benefit of the Palestinian population. The synagogues were left untouched due to the problematic nature of demolishing holy places.

Recently, terrorist organizations and most notably, Hamas have begun using these buildings for training purposes.

Several videos filmed and produced by various terror organizations present gunmen training at the sites of public buildings once used in Gush Katif, including synagogues and schools.

One of the structures identifiable in the short films in the Atzmona synagogue in which the terrorists train for different scenarios with live ammunition.

Aside from Hamas, the Islamic Jihad also trains at the Jewish holy site.


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