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Monday, November 09, 2009

3 men on death row in Iran for homosexuality....

I'm surprised its taken them so long...
Three Iranian men are thought to be facing the death penalty for having homosexual relations.

The men, named as Nemat Safavi, Mehdi P and Moshen G, have been on death row for three years and allegedly committed the crimes while under the age of 18.

Under Iranian law, homosexuality (lavat) is "punishable by death so long as both the active and passive partners are mature, of sound mind, and have acted of free will".

Campaigners say this not only conflicts with reports of the men being underage at the time of the offences but is also a gross violation of international law, which forbids, under any circumstance, the execution of juvenile offenders.

While not much is known about the other two men, Safavi's case was known to Amnesty International in September last year and he is currently on the organisation's list of minors tried and awaiting execution in Iran.

It is thought that Mehdi P and Moshen G denied the charges against them and no witnesses were found. Safavi was arrested at the age of 16 in 2006 and tried by a court in Ardebil, where he is being held.

A date has not been set for their executions, but according to Human Rights Watch, their lawyers believe it could happen any day.


Anonymous Fay said...

Thanks for keeping us informed about Iran. The situation looks desperate and the MSM is dropping the ball on Iran.

8:49 AM  

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