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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Gee, we missed it...

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day in the US, and we missed it. Here is a quick article on differences in pay between men and women.
Of course, pay inequity is almost entirely due to beautiful and important distinctions between the sexes. Warren Farrell, Ph.D., author of "Why Men Earn More," attributes the imbalance in pay to differences in life goals for men and women. According to Farrell, there are "25 differences in men and women's work-life choices. All 25 differences lead to men earning more money, but to women having better lives … Men's trade-offs include working more hours (women work more at home); taking more hazardous, dirtier, and outdoor jobs (garbage collecting; construction; trucking); relocating and traveling; and training for more technical jobs with less people contact (e.g. engineering). Women's choices balance income with a desire for fulfillment, safety, flexibility, 35-hour weeks and proximity to home. These lifestyle advantages lead to more people competing for those jobs and thus lower pay."

It's difficult to credibly blame pay inequity on societal sexism, as Farrell points out: "Women who have never been married and never had children earn 117 percent of their male counterparts. Why the reversal? When men have never been married nor had children, they take more fulfilling jobs, work fewer hours, are willing to travel less … In brief, when men's family responsibilities are similar to women's so are their work decisions, and the men earn even less."
You can go here to learn more about Warren Farrell's book, "Why Men Earn More".

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