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Friday, April 22, 2005

My take on the next election....

I watched Paul Martin last night at a pub with a bunch of friends. I thought he did an OK job, even though he should have made that statement in the House of Commons. This morning, there was an item in the National Post saying that the Liberals want to fast-track the budget and the same-sex marriage bill. I think this is a good approach, and should be supported by conservatives.

First, I believe both of these bills SHOULD be voted on by parliament. We voted in this government to do a job, and the current scandal doesn't mean they should't pass any legislation. It's the Liberal party I want to be damaged, not the government.

Secondly, I don't want the next election to be fought on same-sex marriage. We did that last time. I want it to be fought on honesty, good government, and how to improve our democracy. So, please pass same-sex legislation as soon as possible, and let's move on.

I firmly believe that Stephen Harper should accept passage of same-sex marriage, and tell the people that his party accepts the will of parliament. As parliament stands right now, there is support for this bill. I want both the Liberals and the Conservatives to take this issue off the table.

Let's have an election camaign on the future of our democracy.