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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Political correctness in the military???

If we were in the second world war now..just think how much money the government would have to pay out. This is from the UK.
A British soldier has won a ground-breaking £375,000 compensation deal for post traumatic stress disorder after seeing his friend's arm blown off by a faulty rocket during the 2003 Iraq invasion.

The soldier was deeply traumatised by the accident in which his friend was demonstrating a rocket launcher to colleagues in the desert behind the frontline, and suffered horrific injuries when the weapon malfunctioned and blew up.

Legal experts voiced astonishment that the MOD chose to settle instead of relying on the defence of 'battlefield immunity', which prevents them from being sued over injuries suffered in war zones.

Defence sources told the Mail the Army had accepted liability because the weapon was not being fired in combat at the enemy at the time.

The pay-out marks a generous interpretation of the law, effectively creating a bizarre compensation loophole for soldiers wounded away from the immediate frontline even if they are only a few miles from the fighting.


Blogger WED said...

Whenever I read or discuss issues like this all I can ever think about is whether or not the great philosophers of the Enlightenment would have ever pushed for democracy if they knew how stupid their great great (etc.) grand children would be.

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