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Thursday, April 26, 2007

So-called Anti-War Activists Join the Jihad...

It's one thing being a critic of George Bush and the War in Iraq - but for the anti-war left to actually ally themselves with the Jihad is just contempible....
This time, I'm here to say Canada's main "antiwar" groups have finally, fully, and openly exposed themselves to be active participants in that war. And they're on the side of the enemy.

Two months ago, in Richmond Hill, Ontario, the key leaders of the Canadian Peace Alliance, the War Resisters Support Group, and the Toronto Stop the War Coalition joined Iranian diplomats and theocrats in celebration of the 28th anniversary of the Khomeinist revolution in Iran.

Cohosted by the Iranian Embassy, the anniversary celebration was, by all accounts, a happy and pleasant affair. There was singing and speeches, and on the same day, back in Iran the Khomeinist theocracy's defence minister was announcing the production of a new 2,000-kilometre-range missile.

Last month, about 20 Canadian "antiwar" leaders answered the call of the Canadian Peace Alliance and assembled in Cairo, Egypt, for a strategy session with some of the world's most foul jihadists. Among them were senior officers from Hezbollah, Iran's Lebanese client statelet that pioneered the current savagery of Islamist suicide bombings, and Hamas, the death cult whose stabbings, shootings, and explosions have taken the lives of hundreds of innocent Palestinians and Israelis in recent years.

According to the Egyptian English-language weekly Al-Ahram, one of the Canadian Peace Alliance delegates at the Cairo conference, Toronto's James Clark, told the gathering that Canadian activists use incidents of Islamophobia in this country to "educate and mobilize people". Clark is reported to have uttered the lie that the Canadian government actively and deliberately enflames Islamophobia in order to wage war in Muslim countries. Clark vowed that "the Canadian peace movement, inspired by the Arab resistance in Lebanon and Iraq, would work with Muslims to defeat imperialism."

The Reuters news agency reported that a surprise guest at the Cairo conference was a certain Abu Omar, a shadowy cleric who fled Egypt several years ago after the government outlawed and suppressed his group, Jamaat al-Islamiya, for waging a campaign of tourist murders and assassinations through the 1990s. Jamaat al-Islamiya's most memorable contribution to the struggle for social justice was a 1997 machine-gunning and stabbing spree at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor that left 71 innocents dead, most of them foreign sightseers. Last August, al-Qaeda deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri declared Jamaat al-Islamiya an al-Qaeda subsidiary.
Please read the whole report - but a warning - it will make your blood boil.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred, no doubt there is at CSIS a big fat file on these dangerous dupes.

In earlier days, they would have been tuned up on the street for their anti-Canadian views..we can only hope that will happen at the conference.

I say with clear conviction this rabble should be swept from the streets of our nation.


6:57 PM  
Blogger Brian Lemon said...

Isnt Stephen Staples a member of (or speaker to) the Canadian Peace Alliance?? Seem to remember seeing this connection one time.
The Cdn Peacenik Freaks are supported financially, I think I recall by Comm Party of Cda (ML)

7:09 PM  

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