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Thursday, April 26, 2007

To feel good - the EU will kill the rainforests...

Nobody really considers the secondary effects of all so-called environmental policies...
European union green fuel targets will accelerate the destruction of rainforests in South-East Asia and threaten the habitat of endangered species, such as the orang-utan.

EU green targets will damage rainforests
Seeds of palm oil are harvested at a plantation in Rokan Hilir

In March EU leaders agreed to set a binding climate change target to make biofuel - energy sources made from plant material - account for 10 per cent of all Europe's transport fuels by 2020.

But the European Commission has admitted that the objective, which aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions, may have the unintended consequence of speeding up the destruction of tropical rainforests and peatlands in South-East Asia - actually increasing, not reducing, global warming.

European consumption of plant-based fuels will soar from around three million tons at present to more than 30 million tons in 2010, driving a boom in imports of cheap biofuels.

Europe is still years away from self-sufficiency in biofuels produced from straw and other waste vegetation. As a result, demand for cheap imports of fuels, such as palm oil, is expected to soar.

Countries such as Indonesia have already begun planning an increase in the production of palm oil, a development campaigners fear will see more rainforest fall to the axe and rare peat soil burned.


Anonymous Toronto Twink, homeless in Vancouver said...

Baird's environmental plan is nothing but hot air and BS!

Stephane Dion, together with Dr. David Suzuki and all environmentalists agree. The Baird plan is too little too late. Most rational Canadians agree: Harper is out to lunch when it comes to the environment.

LISTEN TO ME! WE DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT WILL COST THE ECONOMY! WE MUST REDUCE OUR CARBON EMISSIONS BY OVER 90% BY 2050, OR ELSE WE WILL BE DOOMED!!!! Who the hell cares about economic output if we will all be dead in a few years?

We must stop the Alberta Oilsands and the serious poluters in the world. We must force an end to the horrible disasters that the excessive capitalist are unleashing in the world.

Like Monsieur Dion and Dr. Suzuki, I too know that Kyoto targets are achievable. This gutless Harper government just wants to placate the oil industry.

We must set a moral example to the world and exceed our Kyoto objectives, even if it means massive unemployment. We must sacrifice our job potentials for the sake of the world's environment.

Harper and the rich elite only want to destroy the environment, not help it.

The Liberal Party of Canada, under Professeur Dion, will set Canada down the right track by balancing fair economics with a radical new approach to the environment. Only Stephane Dion (and Elizabeth MaY) have a proven track record when it comes to the environment. Only Stephene Dion led the Western World in setting obtainable guidelines to achieve our Kyoto objectives.

Yes Fred, the EU is leading where Canada should be: graceful stewards of the environment.....With Baird's proposal, I can certainly say that not only am I ashamed, angered and embarrased of a federal government: I am ashamed to be Canadian.

...We truly need the Harper government out and the Dion government back in office. The sooner the better.

2:20 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

Is this guy serious?

11:35 PM  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

At least there is some effort going into emission reduction. It just needs a bit more competence to carry out.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Brian in Calgary said...

Like Monsieur Dion and Dr. Suzuki, I too know that Kyoto targets are achievable.

And, what are your economic, academic & scientific credentials? Probably non-existent, like with Suzuki.

1:18 PM  

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