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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can we make him Prime Minister?

The Czech President is the type of leader we need.....can't wait to get his book.
Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Wednesday denounced environmentalists' "hysteria" over global warming as he launched his latest book, "A blue, not green, planet," which tackles the issue.

"I am raising my voice," said the politician who has characterised environmentalism as an ideology as dangerous as communism.

"Can we allow certain political movements that want something else other than liberty to profit from an hysteria which has been born?" Klaus asked.

"Above all, it is necessary to determine if the impact of man on global climate change is such that it justifies this hysteria," he added.

Klaus, as well as being a well known eurosceptic and a fan of former British premier Margaret Thatcher, has now lined up alongside the US sceptics in the climate change debate.

During the presentation at Prague's Slavia Cafe in Prague, a favourite haunt of intellectuals, Klaus called for a rational debate over climate change.

He called on the public to "open its eyes faced with a dangerous manipulation" by those who, according to him, want to "limit free thinking and decision making."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's time we saw some logic come into this debate, and the lies being used to manipulate our governments in towing the environmental line.

3:00 AM  

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