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Friday, October 26, 2007

And, this is from a country at peace with Israel....

Well, now we know the law...
Egyptian ulema (Muslim scholar) Mohamed El Mongui has issued a fatwa against marriage between Egyptian men and Israeli women. The news appeared on Al Goumhoureya daily, which explains that El Monguìs decision came after talks with an Egyptian man, who asked for his opinion on the matter. "The marriage between Egyptians and Israelis is 'haram' (illegal) and this is not only my opinion but also the opinion of all Sheikhs and ulema," El Mongui said. El Mongui explained that a Muslim can marry a non-Muslim "only if she does not belong to a country which fights against Muslims" and given the fact that Israel is a nation "based on war", as all its citizens who go to military service fight against Muslims, therefore Egyptians should not marry "enemies of Islam", which represent "40% of the Israeli army". Whoever marries an Israeli woman, the ulema says, "will be considered as a traitor and enemy of Islam and Muslims". The fatwa issued by El Mongui was also supported by the dean of the faculty of Shariah and member of the Academy of Islamic Research at the Al-Azhar University, Mohammed Raafat Osmane, who added an important detail. "Islam does not ban and has never banned the marriage with non-Israeli Jewish women or with Christians like those living in the Arab or European states and who have nothing to do with the state of Israel," the Al-Azhar dean explained. Therefore, Egyptians must only avoid "women who are Israeli citizens".


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